Reinventing the pleasure
of cocktails

Endless possibilities

Gin Basil, Sex and the Beach, Pina Colada or Pornstar Martini: the TIME-SHAKER cocktail machine makes over 300 cocktails.

Gain independence

Satisfied customers

Offering consistent-quality cocktails served quickly will help you attract and retain customers!

Increase your sales

As cocktails are the highest-margin product offered by bars, you can increase your profits by offering excellent cocktails.

Control your costs

Automatic juice and alcohol dosage eliminates the problem of overdosing and wastage.


While your cocktail prepares itself, your staff can better take care of the service.

The culture of mixology accessible to all

With over 300 programmed cocktails, your entire staff can serve the cocktail of your customer's choice.

An extensive menu

With just 2 clicks to order a cocktail, you'll be able to expand your choice of cocktails or renew your menu more regularly.

Increase your average basket

In less than 20 seconds, you can serve your customers a second aperitif while they wait for the main courses.


Thanks to the MIXO-TWO, you're no longer dependent on someone who has mastered the art of cocktail making.

A range of colors to suit your mood

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Each cocktail machine can be customized to suit individual tastes.
By choosing a covering, you'll make your cocktail machine unique and original.

Quick and easy maintenance

Step 1

Remove cylinders from their positions.

Step 2

Position the cleaning tray.

Step 3

Press the cleaning program.

Weight 70kg
Dimensions Width: 53cm - Length: 69 cm - Height: 93 cm
Power supply 220-240V power supply

A simple, fun interface to better manage your consumption

Create all the cocktail recipes you want in just a few clicks from your administration interface, or use the 150 available free of charge.

The administration interface gives you access to consumption reports such as the number of cocktails sold over a period, by day, by cocktail, the number of bottles consumed...

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