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The Apogee of the Altitude Cocktail: Time-Shaker Revolutionizes Après-Ski

Snow-covered peaks are no longer just a playground for skiers, but also a new horizon for cocktail lovers. With the help of innovative solutions like those offered by Time-Shaker, mountain establishments are transforming après-ski into an exceptional gastronomic experience. The New Wave of Mountain Bars: Faced with a growing demand for diversity in après-ski activities, 60% of skiers express an interest in unique culinary experiences, including the tasting of high-end cocktails. Time-Shaker at the Summit: In response to this trend, high-altitude bars are turning to solutions like cocktail machines. Our solutions not only offer a variety of quality drinks, but also maintain fast, efficient service, which is essential in these busy areas. Innovation at the service of Tradition: By using cocktail machines, establishments can easily incorporate local and seasonal flavors into their drinks, offering a cocktail menu that reflects the authenticity of the mountain terroir. Ingredients such as genepi, forest fruits and mountain honey are blended with quality spirits to create unique drinks. Time-saving: Time-Shaker cocktail machines enable fast preparation, ideal for busy establishments. Quality consistency: Each cocktail is prepared with precision, guaranteeing a consistent taste experience for customers. Minimal training: Staff can serve complex cocktails without the need for mixologist training. Integrating advanced technologies such as Time-shaker 🍹 your cocktail machine into mountain bars is not only a response to the growing demand for après-ski diversification, but also an opportunity to enhance the customer experience. The future of mountain bars lies in the perfect combination of innovation, tradition and quality. High-altitude bars are no longer simply a haven for warming up, but gastronomic destinations in their own right. By offering a unique, high-quality experience, they are positioning themselves as key players in the après-ski scene.

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Time Shaker at Sett

The Salon Sett has just closed its doors. Merci merci merci de nous avoir fait vibrer durant ses 3 jours. A quick summary of our 72 hours: . 1873 cocktails. 110 kilos of ice cubes. 15 hours of sleep over the 3 days, but we love it. Over 2000 plates. 1 cocktail machine offered during the SETT Competition. 1 trophy for our traditional competition for the best campsite selling the most cocktails between 01/07 and 31/08. 3500€ in prizes awarded at our prize-giving ceremony. Unforgettable encounters. 3 magical evenings. Participation in the Sett d'or In short, a thousand thanks!

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Top 7 summer cocktails

Do you know the best-selling cocktail in France this summer? Many will name the mojito, that iconic cocktail known to all. Well, the answer is quite different! Here are the Top 7 cocktails / mocktails: . Bora Bora (non-alcoholic). Sex on the beach. Pina colada. Mojito. Mai tai. Red light (alcohol-free). Virgin pina colada (non-alcoholic) This summer, the world of mocktails has conquered many a palate. Current trends reveal a veritable revolution in the way we approach non-alcoholic cocktails. Young people, and especially teenagers, are indulging in the adult experience, sipping drinks in shimmering colors and varied flavors. Mums-to-be also have the opportunity to spice up their drinks, while those who prefer to abstain from alcohol can revel in a vast selection of available recipes. One of this season's highlights was the reorganization of the ranking of customers' favorite cocktails, with the Mojito, once top of the list, relegated to fourth place. This evolution can be explained by our customers' constant desire to explore an ever-widening palette of flavors, in perpetual search of new taste experiences. One season ends, another begins. As the high season draws to a close, professionals will have to get organized for 2024, with the arrival of the following trade shows: - HOPA Biarritz, September 20 and 21, 2023 in Biarritz- Salon Atlantica, October 10 to 12, 2023 in Niort- Serbotel, October 22 to 25, 2023 in Nantes- Salon SETT, November 7 to 9, 2023 in Montpellier- EXPHOTEL, November 19 to 21, 2023 Join us on our stands to talk cocktails, mocktails and of course all this over a tasting. 🍹🍹

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What will be the cocktails of the summer?

Fashion is an eternal restart. And for good reason: the combinations of flavors, fragrances and textures are infinite. Yet there are many fashions and trends in spirits. Gin, for example, has been on a roll in recent years. Gin bars are even opening in every corner of France. Beyond the eternal Spritz and Mojito, more original cocktails are making their mark before the start of each season, and this summer you won't want to miss the Basil smash. Basil what? Basil Smash! If you're a fan of tomato mozza, you wouldn't dream of missing out on a few basil leaves? Well, now you've got a cocktail that's the perfect complement to your favorite salad: fruit lovers, stay right there! Have you heard of Mai Tai? Maï Taïson? No! Head for the tiki culture of the '40s. Mai Tai takes its name from the Tahitian expression "mai tai-roa aé", which means "the best in the world"! In a tumbler glass, place your best crushed ice up to halfway up the glass, then pour: if you're tired of crushing lime at the bottom of a glass, place these two marvels on your menu and you'll treat your customers at the same time!

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Cocktails are not in crisis

Since the health crisis, the French have been drinking less alcohol. But one product stands out from the crowd: the cocktail. A veritable star of bars and restaurants, in just a few years it has become a veritable subject of creativity and, above all, profitability. "Hello, can I have a half? It's a phrase that café waiters hear less and less, and for good reason: customers are increasingly consulting the menu of establishments to unearth the nugget, the star, the work that will be perfectly Instagrammable: the cocktail! 83% of French people drink cocktails regularly. This figure is constantly rising, as are the number of specialist establishments springing up in cities all over the world. The mocktail, forgotten star A cocktail is also a non-alcoholic cocktail, for 50% of French people. Say goodbye to Coca-Cola and Ice Tea for the kids, when Mom and Dad have a Maï Taï, the kids have a BoraBora! Cocktails, a boon for restaurateurs Sunny terrace, customers on hand, cocktail menu in hand, the owner is rubbing his hands. The reason? 80% gross margin! "It's THE most profitable product on the menu!" confides the manager of a campsite bar near Béziers. The profitability of cocktails depends largely on the cost of ingredients. It's important to manage the cost of these ingredients to guarantee the profitability of cocktails and minimize losses by keeping your ratios under control. This same owner also confided to us that he lost the equivalent of 30 bottles last season due to the "heavy hand" of the bartender... The trend is clear. Cocktails are on a roll, and the next few years look promising for a market that continues to innovate in the face of ever-increasing demand. 

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The importance of beautiful glassware to enhance your cocktails

When it comes to preparing and serving cocktails, many elements come into play to create a unique visual and taste experience. One of these key elements is the glassware used to serve cocktails. Glassware is much more than just a container for drinks; it can play a crucial role in the presentation, tasting and enjoyment of cocktails. In this article, we'll explore the importance of beautiful glassware to enhance your cocktails. First of all, glassware can contribute to the visual presentation of a cocktail. Cocktails are often regarded as works of art, and the way they are presented can influence customers' desire to enjoy them. Beautiful glassware, with its elegant shapes, eye-catching colors and meticulous finishes, can enhance the beauty and creativity of a cocktail. It can also add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall presentation of the cocktail, creating a pleasing visual experience for customers. Glassware can also influence the way a cocktail is enjoyed. The shape and size of the glassware can affect the way aromas are released and the way flavors blend. For example, a cocktail glass with a conical shape will better concentrate aromas, while a wine glass with a wider opening will better appreciate the complex aromas of a wine-based cocktail. Quality glassware can therefore enable customers to take full advantage of the nuances and subtleties of the flavors in their cocktail, enhancing their taste experience. What's more, glassware can also contribute to the overall enjoyment of a cocktail. Beautiful glassware can add an extra dimension to the cocktail experience, creating a sense of pleasure and elegance. It can also give customers the impression of drinking something special and precious, which can add to their overall satisfaction. Well-chosen glassware can thus contribute to the positive perception of a cocktail and to customer satisfaction, reinforcing their desire to return to the establishment. Glassware can also play a role in differentiating an establishment. In a competitive market, offering unique and aesthetically pleasing glassware can help to stand out from the competition. Original, high-quality glassware can become a distinctive feature of the establishment, attracting customers' attention and arousing their interest. It can also be used as a visual marketing tool, being shared on the establishment's social networks, websites or advertising media, which can help attract new customers. Finally, it's important to note that glassware also needs to be functional and of high quality to guarantee customer safety and comfort.

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