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the first cocktail tricycle

Our creation

After revolutionizing bar service, the French company Time Shaker presents its latest innovation: the very first automatic cocktail and mocktail tricycle. No need to go to the bar, the bar comes to the customers! Aimed at professionals in the hospitality and restaurant industry, and especially at campings, this tricycle allows you to make cocktails with or without alcohol anywher.

This latest generation mobile bar is a concentration of technology equipped with:

  • An external rechargeable battery to power the machine
  • A battery for the tricycle
  • A storage compartment
  • An ice bin
  • An umbrella
  • Headlight
  • LED lighting
  • A speaker
  • And the latest Time Shaker technologies


Thanks to its expertise and integrated technologies, the Time Shaker tricycle can create any drink, cocktail, or mocktail in less than 10-15 seconds, now anywhere. No need to go to the bar and wait several minutes, the bar comes to the customers, and they don't even need to wait anymore. A small revolution that has already won over many professionals.

Currently deployed in several outdoor hospitality establishments in France, this new automatic and mobile bar, along with the Time Shaker teams and equipped professionals, are at your disposal for any further illustration and explanation.

Thanks to its mobility, the Time Shaker tricycle can go to meet customers and offer them all types of cold drinks, essential for this summer season.

The Story of Mr.Martin

On his sun lounger beside his bungalow, Mr. Martin is feeling hot. Then Mr. Martin gets thirsty. With the temperature hovering around 28°C, and despite the occasional gentle breeze, his throat starts begging him to hydrate. Unfortunately, there's nothing festive in the fridge, and Mr. Martin craves something more than tap water. It's also unfortunate that the campground's bar is far away, a good 400 meters from his spot, because what he wanted most of all was peace and quiet.

Fortunately, on this warm summer afternoon, Mr. Martin begins to hear a mysterious sound in the distance. A few notes of music catch his attention. The sound gets closer, and his curiosity intensifies until, astounded, he finds in front of him France's first automatic mobile bar.

Before him appears a tricycle offering all the drinks he has been dreaming of: fruit juices, cocktails with or without alcohol, tomato juice... absolutely all drinks are at his disposal with no need to leave the terrace of his bungalow. Mr. Martin imagines and already drools over a refreshing Virgin Mojito to quench his thirst. In no time, the elegant driver at the helm of the tricycle responds to his request, but there's no bartender in sight.

At that moment, Mr. Martin is astonished; the professional simply presses a button, and in less than 30 seconds, he has his mocktail in hand. The refreshing drink is made automatically, all by itself. The seasonal worker only took care of decorating the glass accompanying the drink. A delight for Mr. Martin, who can now return to lounging while savoring his delicious mocktail.

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